too (adv): beyond an acceptable limit; excessive 

much (noun): quantity, amount, extent, or degree 

“Do the problems…seem too much? But is anything too much for me? Not if I have my say.” Zechariah 8:6 

There is a lot going on in the book of Zechariah. I have to confess that this book is not one that I turn to often, but it probably should be. Because in this short book, Zechariah shares several encouraging prophecies that he hears directly from an angel–God’s messenger–with significant, life-changing truths for you and me today.

The big “problem” going on in Zechariah’s time was that God’s temple had been destroyed and his people were discouraged. They didn’t know if or how it could possibly be rebuilt.


Overwhelming problems. Discouragement. Wondering if God can or will help.

Sound familiar?

Here’s what I tend to do with a problem:

  • obsess about it, becoming anxious and self-centered

  • try to force a solution that makes sense to me

  • let feelings of hopelessness and frustration cloud my thinking and steal my joy

I pray about my “problems”, but I still hold on pretty tightly to the little bit of control I think I have.

I sometimes forget that when we belong to God, He is the one who is in charge of working out His good purposes. Without God’s spirit of power and love, nothing meaningful is going to happen.

“… ‘You can’t force these things. They only come about through my Spirit,’ says God-of-the-Angel-Armies.”  Zechariah 4:6

If I am going to pray about something, then I need to believe that the One I am praying to is the One who can do something about it. And I need to stop trying to help him to do it my way.

So when something seems like too much? When I’m worried about someone, or anxious about something, or feeling inadequate and overwhelmed?  I can rest in the truth that my God is the same God who rebuilt that temple. The same God who delivered his people from years of horrible captivity. The same God who healed and fed and changed impossible circumstances for the people he lived among. And the same God who rose up from the dead to save us all.

God doesn’t just “kind of” do things. When his spirit is moving, miracles happen. Answers come. Relationships heal. Lives change. Hope and peace and joy come from struggle and pain.

We just have to believe Him and then let Him do it. Nothing is too hard or too complicated or too overwhelming for our God who loves us deeply.

Invite Him in: He knows exactly what you are worrying about, and He is asking you right now: “Is anything too much for me?” Nothing overwhelms Him like it does you. Whatever you are walking through, hoping for, or struggling with, He can take care of you.  Let Him hold ALL the rubble, and allow His mighty Spirit to do His amazing rebuilding, redeeming work today.

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