God Keeps His Promises

“Let us hold tightly to the hope we affirm, for God can be trusted to keep His promise.” Hebrews 10:23 NLT


Sometimes we can’t feel God’s presence.

Sometimes we forget what He has promised us.

Sometimes we remember His promises, but we can’t quite grasp their truth.

We aren’t sure if we can really believe them, believe Him

Because for a lot of us, this life is not what we hoped it would be. We are going through a lot. Some of us are sick, some of us are missing someone we loved, some of us are stuck–weighed down by shame or discouragement or fear. We are anxious, lonely, depressed, and exhausted.

But Jesus sees us struggling. He knows us so much better than we know ourselves. And He has good planned for us. He reaches out His hand, holding out His promises of love and help and strength; His real-life, never-failing truth and hope for whatever we are in the middle of.

Do you want to believe these promises?

Do you want to grow closer to Jesus with me?

Do you want to experience deep peace and real hope no matter what?

Here’s my new idea:

I will share a promise from God’s word each week.  But I don’t have all the stories, all the examples of the amazing and encouraging things He is doing every day.

I need you to be a part of this too!

Will you share what God is doing in your life? How He shows up, how He comes through, how He brings good? Comment on the blog, on Facebook, tell me in person or in a text or an e-mail. 

I can’t wait to hear your stories, your surprises, your questions, your answered prayers!

Let’s help each other hold on to Jesus...