He's Always Been Faithful

Waiting is the worst. Have you ever thought this? I have.

I think of the little ring bearers recently anticipating their aunt’s wedding. Only to arrive at the venue, and be perplexed why she wasn’t there yet. They thought the waiting was over.

Or, the nervousness and anxiety of waiting in a hospital lobby for news of a loved one.

Maintaining hope and faith proves increasingly challenging.

I know I do not wait well with a patient, hopeful or faithful spirit. And, it’s okay.

There is hope still.

Abraham lost his brother (Gen 11:28) and his father (Gen 11:32). Then, God directed him to leave his home and go to the land where God directs (Gen 12:1). So, essentially, Abraham left with only the map of his faith.

After arriving in Canaan, God told Abraham that this land would belong to his descendants (Gen 12:7). In fact, God promised to have “great nations” come from Abraham (Gen 12:2).

Just one problem. Abraham has no children.

At first, I’m imagine Abraham resting easily into this promise.


But, then, ten years pass. He grows impatient and has a son with one of his wife’s servants (Gen 16:15).

And yet, still no great nations appear.

Another 14 years of time passes. And, God appears to Abraham again. He renews His promise to make Abraham “the father of a multitude of nations” (Gen 17: 4). But, not from his wife’s servant’s son.

Nope. His wife, Sarah, will have a baby (Gen 17:19).

Abraham’s reaction? He laughed (Gen 17:17).


Fast forward a year, Abraham and Sarah have a baby, Isaac (Gen 21:2). God keeps His promise and the wait is over.

Was Abraham patient in the wait? Nope.

Was he faithful? Did he stay hopeful? Nope, and nope.

Did Abraham mess up? Many times.

Was God faithful? Always.

Even though Abraham tried to do things his way in his timing, God remained faithful to His promise.

Even our spiritual forefather dropped the ball more than one time. And, God was faithful to him.

If you’re waiting for something, be encouraged. No matter how many times you mess up, become inpatient, or lose hope, He will be faithful to you.

Hear me, He will be faithful to you. 

Every single time. 

His promises remain true.





By Erica Lee, Guest Writer

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