God is faithful. God is merciful.

My family celebrates a modified Passover every Palm Sunday. It’s meaning ceremony to remember the faithfulness of God during the exodus out of Egypt.

Of the whole Seder meal, with matzah and lamb, my favorite portion is recounting each act of His faithfulness to the Hebrews.

The leader starts, “Had He split the Red Sea for us, and not led us safely through…”

And everyone remembers, “Da-yay-nu,” meaning it would have been enough for us.

Then, “Had He led us safely through, and not drowned our enemies there….”

And, “Da-yay-nu.”

In the ceremony, we remember the Israelite journey starting with the exodus from Egypt through the God providing a temple for the Israelites.

God didn’t just let Pharaoh dismiss them from slavery. They were hurried out with Egyptian treasures willing given.

And then, God led safely to the Red Sea. And then, He split the Red Sea.

And then, He drowned the Egyptians trying to capture the Hebrews again in the Red Sea.

Again, again, and again, God provides.

And they remembered, “Da-yay-nu.” The Israelites knew the mercy of God. They knew His faithfulness to them.


For the past nine months, I’ve been considering my “da-yay-nu spirit.” Do I recognize God’s faithfulness in my life? Or do I focus on my perceived “lack of?”

God provided me with a college degree. Did I say da-yay-nu?

God provided the resources for me to have two hand surgeries last summer. Did I say da-ya-nu?

God gave me a job in a field that I love. Do I say da-yay-nu?

God gave me a job in a field that I love with people I love. Do I say da-yay-nu?

Do I say, “it would have been enough?”

Or do I say, “But, God what about my marriage? Or what about a better car? Or why can’t I have exciting adventures like everybody else?”

What do you say?

God is faithful. He is merciful. He is so good.

What if we lived each day looking for moments to say, “Da-yay-nu?”


By Erica Lee, Guest Writer

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