God is Ours...Forever

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart: He is mine forever.”  Psalms 73:26 NLT


I never want to get the conversation heart or the Valentine card that says, “BE MINE.” To me, that sentiment comes across as kind of boring and weirdly possessive. It seems like there are so many more creative and personal ways to win someone’s heart…


Speaking of hearts, mine is a bit of a mess lately. I've had an EKG, some tests and an appointment with a cardiologist in the past month. The test results are all good: low cholesterol, low blood pressure, normal heart function. Nothing that physically explains the pounding and fluttering and heartrate spikes that reach upwards of 180 bpm some days.

“Probably just anxiety.” Great. Now I feel anxious about feeling anxious.

Isn’t that how it is? Our human bodies get sick, and hurt, and tired. Our fragile spirits get discouraged and afraid. So many parts of us are worn.

But God remains the strength of our hearts. We are weak, but He stays strong.

Instead of simply saying, “Be Mine,” God promises something much better. He lovingly tells us, “I’m Yours. Forever.”

That is just what my heart needs to hear.

Hold on to Jesus~ Let Him win your heart today. Invite Him into your weakest parts and let Him reveal His strength. He pledges to be with you forever. You can trust this faithful, powerful, enough-for-today gift of His presence and love.

What parts of you are feeling weakest today?

How can you see Him, feel Him “remaining the strength” of your heart?