preposition: in the midst of, surrounded by, with

Later on that day, the disciples had gathered together, but, fearful of the Jews, had locked all the doors in the house. Jesus entered, stood among them, and said, “Peace to you.” John 20:19 MSG

Easter afternoon. The disciples were exhausted. They were grieving, distressed, terrified, and confused. They were hiding away from everyone, still trying to process and understand all that had happened.

And Jesus entered, stood among them, and said ‘Peace to you.’

He came through the locked doors. He came to be in the midst of them, to keep company with them. He stood among them.

And what were His words?

Peace. To. You. 

Jesus knew His guys so well. He knew that they were panicking and afraid of the Jews. But He also knew that fear was not the worst emotion they were feeling. His disciples, his once deeply loyal followers were feeling completely devastated and ashamed. Not only had they lost their leader and closest friend, but they had repeatedly failed Him in the past 24 hours. They had fallen asleep when He asked them to pray with Him. They had abandoned Him when He needed them the most. They had denied that they knew Him. And they were doubting everything that He had ever told them.

So, Jesus showed up. He appeared among them and reassuringly, lovingly gave them what they needed most.

He gave them PEACE. He calmed their fears, but He also healed their grieving, guilty hearts. With three simple words and the comfort of His presence, Jesus welcomed His friends back to Him. He reconciled them to Himself, restoring the security of the relationship they had known.

They were understood.

They were forgiven.

They were loved.

They were safe.

They were His…

And that’s what He does for us. He comes and lives among us, He surrounds us with His peace. His gift to us this Easter Sunday is the gift of reconciliation, the restoration of our hearts to His.

Let’s invite Him in:

Try it.  Say the words: “I invite You in, Jesus.” Invite Him into your fears, your self-condemnation, your doubts, your discouragement, your anxiety, your future. Let Him surround your heart and mind with the peace and freedom of a closer relationship with Him. He will be right there with you for the rest of your life...

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