stepped in (intransitive verb): to have become involved in a difficult or problematic situation, especially in order to help or prevent something from happening; acted as a substitute for someone

“But when God, our kind and loving Savior God, stepped in, he saved us from all that.” Titus 3:4-5

You know those mornings when we are so sick that we can’t even get out of bed? Going to work is just not possible, and we lie there stressing about all the things we were supposed to do that day?

We worry about all the important things we are missing, the people we are letting down, and how far behind we are going to get.

In the teaching profession, we are fortunate. We have some amazing people who are willing to be our substitutes. These are the ones we call on those days when we just can’t make it to work. We write “sub plans” for the person who accepts our job, and he or she carries them out–taking on our basic responsibilities for the day. Substitutes get paid to “step in” and take our place teaching, managing, and caring for our students.

But we all experience times when we need more than just job-coverage. There are days and weeks and even years when life overwhelms us. We feel like we can’t do everything we are supposed to do. Too many things demanding our full attention, too many people needing our time and energy, too many expectations weighing us down…  

There are no substitutes for us in times like these. Of course, we can ask for help, but ultimately, we have to handle our own stuff.

Or do we?

But when God, our kind and loving Savior God, stepped in, he saved us from all that.

These verses written from Paul to Titus are reminders that God has already made a way through the mess. The people that Titus was ministering to were fighting, struggling, forgetting that God was their powerful defender. Forgetting, like we sometimes do, that God is kind, and patient, and ready to help. And that he has already proven by his sacrifice on the cross that he is on our side.

Life is hard, hard, hard sometimes. But Jesus has so much mercy and strength to give, and he intervenes for us. He “gets involved in our difficult or problematic situations, especially in order to help…” 

He steps in.

Invite Him in: Thank Jesus for stepping in for you on the cross once and for all. He took your place so that you would be spared and not destroyed by evil and sin. Ask him to step in to your situation today and let him fight for you with his mercy and power and love. He is your bodyguard, your warrior, and your unfailing friend.