God Will Keep You

“May the God who gives us peace make you holy in every way and keep your whole being–spirit, soul, and body–free from fault at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He who calls you will do it, because he is faithful.” 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24


I have been taking this promise apart and putting it back together all day. There are so many important pieces to this truth.  

1.     God is the One who gives us peace.

2.     God wants to make us holy in every way and keep our whole being free from fault at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

3.     Because He is faithful, HE will do it.


I go right to the second piece, and I get stressed. I just don’t know how I can live up to that.

We have to be holy in every way?

Spirit, soul, and body free from fault…?

That sounds really good but really impossible.


But He reminds me of the other pieces in this promise, the comfort that comes with this challenging admonition.

He gives us peace.

He is faithful, and He will do it.


So what does it really look like in our sinful, human, imperfect lives? How does He keep us until He returns?

To keep means to watch over and defend, to continue to maintain in a good condition, to drive danger or attack away from.


As our keeper, God does this for us. He is our guardian, our overseer, our caretaker, our defender. He protects us, teaches us, disciplines us, helps us, understands us, and forgives us as we try to become more like Him.

Our part? We need to stay close to Jesus. He won’t keep us against our will. Let’s actively trust in His faithfulness and rest in His peace as He does the work of making us holy.  

Hold on to Jesus~

Talk to Jesus. Invite Him into your conversations, your decisions, your thoughts, and your emotions today. He wants–more than anything–for you to be with Him, now and forever. He has done all the work to make you His. He loves you more than you could ever imagine. All of you–spirit, soul, and body. Let Him keep you today.