because (conj): as a result of, due to, since 

“…Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we’ve been given a brand-new life and have everything to live for...” 1 Peter 1:3  

I remember asking my Mom why anyone would want to become a Christian. We had just finished watching The Hiding Place–the inspiring true story of Corrie Ten Boom. ( The movie terrified me. She and her family had been obedient to the teachings of Jesus, caring for and protecting–even hiding their Jewish neighbors during World War II. As a result of their selfless actions, Corrie and her dear father and sister ended up in concentration camps. Only Corrie survived the horror of Ravensbruck and was “mistakenly” released at age 53 to a life without her closest family.

My pre-teen, self-absorbed brain could not make sense of this. Why would she have taken this risk knowing the danger, the possibly fatal consequences? Why would anybody choose this hard path, this self-denying life of following Jesus?

The wise and thoughtful words of Mom’s answer have played quietly, steadily in my mind ever since. (These might not be her exact words, but they are awfully close.)

“Becoming a Christian does not mean that God is going to make everything go the way you want it to in this life. Becoming a Christian means that you will have God’s presence–his powerful love and help right there with you, no matter what you go through.”

Why would anyone want to become a Christian?

Because Jesus.

Because he became human, felt real feelings, lived this life…he truly understands us. He knows our fears, our temptations, our hopes, our pain.

Because he gave his life to pay the price in full for ours…we are forgiven. Clean and free and covered in grace regardless of we have done.

Because he conquered death and rose from the grave…we have the hope of heaven. No more tears or sickness or hurting or hate. Life forever in his loving presence. Perfect, unending joy.

Because he sent us his Spirit to help us and comfort us…we are empowered. We have victory in our battles, peace in our storms, meaning in our mundane, and hope in our darkness.

Because he loves us more than anyone ever has or ever will…this life doesn’t have to always go the way we think it should. No matter what happens, we are safe, we are taken care of, we are never alone.

Invite Him in:

Open your heart wider to Jesus. You don’t have to be afraid of life with him. He died to give you a brand-new life with everything to live for. And even if the things you are experiencing in this life are not at all what you would have chosen, he is right there with you. He understands you, he will help you, he has saved you, and he loves you forever.  No matter what.