adj: a full or more than adequate amount or supply; abundant

“…I am the world’s Light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in.” John 8:12

Plenty feels good. It’s comfortable. Having a lot of something we need or want allows us to relax and rest. Some of us grew up with plenty, and some of us grew up with barely enough. My family was sort of in the middle. Hard working parents with several jobs between them, careful spending, and saving long and hard for family vacations was what we knew.

But there was family up the street that fell into the “plenty” category. Both parents worked full-time at high paying jobs, and my sister and I would babysit for their three children all day in the summers. They had several televisions, fancy cars, the latest toys, and expensive snacks. We were very impressed.

It might seem silly, but what I remember the most vividly about being in their house was the cabinets in their bathrooms and kitchen. Not the appearance of them, but the contents. Before buying in bulk at warehouse stores was even a thing, these cabinets were always full. (Now you are probably imagining me snooping where I shouldn’t have been! Rest assured that I was either cooking for the kids or getting shampoo, bandaids, towels, etc. for them when I discovered this abundance). This family was stocked up with enough food and supplies for months–toothpaste, soap, paper towels, cereal, macaroni and cheese, and so much more. Being able to purchase so much ahead of time seemed like quite a luxury to me.

The luxury of plenty. The reassurance that there will always be enough.

It’s not only the people who have money who get to enjoy this!

Plenty is something that all of us have as followers of Jesus. For everything we could possibly need, he has more than enough set aside just for us.

When we feel like we might have used up all of the grace he could possibly give?

We can go to his cabinets. There we discover the endless supply of forgiveness and renewal that he has for us. We can return again and again, and his precious grace never runs out.

When we don’t have an ounce of energy, patience, hope, or motivation left?

We can go to his cabinets. The joy that comes from depending on him provides us unlimited spiritual strength to trust him and to do hard things. He will fill us up as many times as we need.

When we wonder if there is love enough for all of us?

We can go to his cabinets. We find that they are so crammed full of this overwhelming love that the door is impossible to shut. In fact, maybe we should just leave it open…

When deep darkness casts its shadow over our world?

We can go to his cabinets. The light they hold is bright and powerful and lasting.

And there is plenty…

Jesus tells us in John 8:12 that there is plenty of light. Light that illuminates the truth. Light that reveals good and right and beauty. We have so much light that we will never need to stumble around in the darkness.

God’s cabinets are infinitely stocked. He thoughtfully, deliberately, continually fills them up with everything we could ever need to live this life with him.

Invite Him In:

Go ahead and take a look. Open the door to the abundance of light that Jesus is showering upon you. You will never have to worry about him running out of light or grace or hope or strength or love. He has everything you need–and there is plenty to go around.