noun: previously unknown information, a report of recent events, an announcement

“It’s news I’m most proud to proclaim, this extraordinary Message of God’s powerful plan to rescue everyone who trusts him…” Romans 1:16 MSG

What is going on?

We want to know, we need to know. News of what is happening in our communities, our countries, our world is so important. There are a lot of reasons why we should pay attention to the news.

And it’s not hard to find. We hear it, we watch it, we get updates on our phones. And some of us still get it folded up and delivered to our porches. In our city, the local newspaper is called The Herald.  As if it has something glorious to proclaim. (It usually doesn’t). But it does what it is supposed to do–giving us the details and facts about the important stories of the day.

What’s interesting to me is that no matter where we get our information, we call it “the news”. THE news. Sometimes we call it local news, world news, good news, bad news, old news, or breaking news, but we refer to all of the kinds when we say “the news”.  

Did you hear the news?

Are you watching the news?

It might be on the news.

Like it is the only news there is.

No matter how devastating, how shocking, how maddening, or how frighteningly close to us today’s stories are, they are not the only news. There is news breaking every day that we need to tune in to. It is the good news–the best news–of Jesus’ love and redemption. It is the life-changing message that God wants to everyone to hear and respond to.

It is his message of freedom and forgiveness and hope…

It’s his message that what we see, what we hear right now, IS NOT THE END OF THE STORY.

I wish this could tick across the bottom of every television screen, headline every article, pop up on our phones each day.

There is a bigger story going on with a much happier ending ahead. 

So, when the daily or nightly news is tragic, scary, and disheartening, what will we do? Will we take action to help people, to change things for the better, to pray? Will we remember that it is not the only news? Will we be open to sharing the best news ever with all the people in every corner of the earth?

Let’s be proud to proclaim the love of Jesus. It’s really good news.

Let’s invite Him in: turn to Jesus for a reminder of his good news today. No matter what is going on in the world, in your community, in your home, or in your heart, his powerful message of redemption endures. Let him show you what is true and remind you of the hope he brings. Every morning. Every evening. Every hour of every day. His powerful plan to rescue us, his incredible love that triumphs over evil–that's our top story.

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