verb: to desire to know, to be curious about, to be astonished, amazed

"Your eye is a lamp, lighting up your whole body. If you live in wide-eyed wonder and belief, your body fills up with light..." Luke 11:34 MSG


One of my favorite things about teaching kindergarteners is the sense of wonder they come to school with. They are so curious, so imaginative, so full of questions.  They make me want to wonder a bit more, to open my eyes a whole lot wider.  It's contagious.  And joyful.

God made us innately curious, but sometimes we adults forget to be. We explain things away or we give them very little thought.  We get used to things the way they are. Comfortable. Bored. Blah. 

Maybe we can remember what it feels like to be 5 years old again.  Maybe our whole world would light up if we just get curious about Jesus...

What if we wonder a bit more about God's tender love for his children?

Would our hearts fill up? Would we snuggle in a little closer to our Father who holds us and heals us?

What if we stop for a minute to admire His stunningly beautiful creation? The thunderous power of His winds and waves and mountains? The intricate details of a snowflake, a rosebush, a firefly? The enormity of the universe and the brilliance of the stars? 

Would our faith grow bigger? Would we start to believe that He can do anything?

What if we pay more attention to the ways that God connects us to each other?

Would we start to realize that He is the mutual friend of everyone?  That sometimes "coincidences" are actually not?  That He delights in bringing people into our lives at just the right time?

Would we be able to see more clearly how He works in our everyday stuff, through imperfect people, to bring good and light?

And what if we started imagining more about what it is going to be like when He comes back for us? About Heaven? 

Sometimes I think of Heaven as a surprising combination of my favorite vacation places–the natural beauty and relaxing warmth of Hawaii, the creative, exciting fun of Disneyland, and the wild, fresh adventure of the San Juan Islands.  I imagine being with Jesus there-on a beach, on Space Mountain, in a sailboat.  I think about all the things that Jesus and I will talk about.  A "life review" of sorts. My questions answered, His mysteries revealed.  Love and grace and redemption woven throughout my story.

Makes me teary.

Makes me wonder if there is so much more that He would like to show me, show us, while we're still here...

Let's invite Him in:  Are you curious about Jesus? Do you desire to know more about who He is and what He is doing?  Open your wide eyes to Him.  Ask Him to show up in astonishing and amazing ways.  His creative power, His heart for connection, His plans–let Him work them all together for good in your day to day life. He will light up your whole world and make it WONDERful...