"How would you describe what Jesus means to you in one word?"

I heard this question on the radio as I was driving home one evening, and I think it may have changed my life forever. The rest of my drive was a blur as words about Jesus filled my heart and mind. 

Friend...Savior...Freedom...Life...Peace...Hope...Joy...Love....Truth...Faithful...Amazing...Holy....King.... Shepherd...Grace....Everything...

That's it! Everything

I chose that because it encompasses all the rest of the words, too. Hee hee. I really didn't mean to take the easy way out. Jesus truly does mean everything to me, but I was getting kind of overwhelmed trying to pick just one word. He is all these things to me and so much more. So yes, that's my ONE word answer. EVERYTHING says it all. 

That's when I started thinking about how much meaning can be packed into just one simple word. Words and their definitions started swirling around in my mind, and the idea for this One Word blog was planted in my heart. 

These words God gives to us---truth and hope we read and hear and sing---they are not just letters on paper. His words live and breathe inside of us: creating, growing, healing, redeeming, and renewing us. We have so much to discover about how He wants to work in our lives. 

I hope you will come with me as I invite Jesus in...One Word at a time.