noun:  broken or irregular parts of something, fragments

“God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him…” Psalms 18:20 MSG

“Careful…don’t break it!”  How many times have you heard that in your life?

Of course you didn’t want to break Grandma’s Christmas platter or the preschool handprint made of clay. You didn’t try to break the jar of salsa all over the floor...

Broken stuff is just sad.  And messy.

And it can hurt so much.  Especially when the breaking happens inside. When it’s a heart that is in pieces.

But just because something is in pieces doesn’t mean it’s ruined.  I like to think there is a lot of hope for broken things…

When 8-year-old Ty broke both bones in his arm, our basketball-loving, baseball-playing kid was devastated.  But as soon as those fractured bones were in a cast up to his shoulder, healing began to take place. New bone cells grew, new connections were formed.  A few weeks later, when 12-year-old Andy’s wrist got slammed into the boards during a hockey game, he joined his brother in this process of breaking and casting and healing and new growth. We had  a double dose of it that winter.   

Within months, though, arms had healed and casts came off.  Growth and time had sealed together the broken pieces in new and healthy ways. Instead of just getting back to normal, their bones had actually become stronger than they were before.

In Japan, they make broken things prettier. Mending broken pottery is an inspiring art form called Kintsugi: “to repair with gold”.  Instead of throwing away the broken pieces of a vase or a teacup, they carefully seal them back together using a special lacquer sprinkled with expensive gold. The restored piece with its unique golden design is regarded as even more beautiful and valuable than it was before. A treasure.

That’s what Jesus wants to do with us. He wants to scoop up our broken pieces and put them back together in stronger and more beautiful ways. No matter how many cracks we have, Jesus can take our rough places, our sharp edges, our painful parts and create an amazing work of art. Unique. Valuable. Even better than before…

Let’s invite Him in:  Jesus knows what broken feels like.  That’s what happened on the cross.  His body, broken for you. His precious blood, shed for you. He became broken so that you don’t have to stay that way. Go ahead and give Him all your pieces. Just place them in His nail-scarred hands, and let Him begin the new growth, the healing, the delicate bonding and painting.  He will make you into a beautiful treasure, stronger than ever before…

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