adj: without the usual covering or protection; undisguised

"...I was afraid because I was naked. And I hid."  Genesis 3:10 MSG


So that dream you have sometimes about being naked in public? You know the one where you wake up and laugh (or cry) in relief that it wasn't real? We've all had them. And we all fear it - the most private parts of our bodies being exposed for all to see. Something about nakedness makes us feel, well, lots of things. Awkward, unprotected, vulnerable, ashamed, raw. 

Whew. Tough words. Tougher emotions.

But what about when you are fully clothed but you feel naked? When your insides start to show, and you are desperately trying to keep them under wraps?

Please don't let anyone see...

that my heart races when I think I might be disappointing someone, 

that I struggle with unrealistic expectations of "perfect," "favorite," "best,"

that even though I'm all grown up, I cry because I miss my Mom,

that wrapped up in my nice, helpful, giving ways is a desperate need for approval, 

that sometimes, I'm just plain scared to death of life...


Isn't it exhausting to try to pretend that you have it all together? No one does, you know.


Maybe it would be a relief to come out of hiding and begin to let our true selves be known. Maybe because of what Jesus thinks of us, we don't have to worry so much about protecting our hearts from what other people think.  Maybe what really matters is being true to who He made us. 

What if owning our flaws and failures could reveal to us more about our strengths, our gifts? 

And what if allowing ourselves to be vulnerable could connect us to our people in refreshing and meaningful ways?

What if we undisguised ourselves?


Let's invite Him in: Can you trust Jesus with who you are?  He made you. He knows exactly how you are wired, and he delights in every detail of you. He wants you to experience the depth of love and joy that comes from being known for who you really are. You can take off your "usual covering" just a little bit at a time...or all at once. Will it hurt?  Maybe. Will you find life more abundant, more fulfilling, more REAL?  Absolutely. He's got you covered.