adj: plunging headfirst; without deliberation, reckless, lacking in calmness or restraint

“I’ve thrown myself headlong into your arms…” Psalm 13:5

My husband and I have our own “America’s Funniest Home Video” in our memories that makes us laugh out loud whenever we think about it. It involves our 2-year old-son, a slippery pool deck, and a hotel jacuzzi. And a bright orange, full-body flotation swimsuit with a sewn-in inner tube. Poor kid. 

You can probably imagine what happened.  It was our first day of vacation. Andy couldn’t wait to get to the pool. He wriggled away from my hand and started running toward the large hot tub full of unsuspecting people.  Of course, he couldn’t see the ground because of the unwieldy inner tube around his waist, and he was moving awfully fast.  His tiny feet hit a slippery spot just before he was going to jump into the bubbling water, and he was immediately launched into the air. We froze, helpless, as we watched our little guy do an (unintentional) 360-degree head-over-heels flip into the hot tub.  Somehow, he landed safely in the middle of all the hotel guests and came up smiling.  It was horrifying and hilarious all at once. Thank you, Jesus, no one was hurt.

The word headlong.  I get it now. And I love it.

It makes me laugh, but it also calms my anxious heart.  Because we all do things without thinking sometimes, we lack calmness and restraint when we commit to things and make decisions. We judge too quickly. We run too fast…

Or we do the opposite.  We perseverate about things.  We overthink, we worry ourselves sick, and we miss out on things by being too careful.  Sometimes we feel like a decision is too weighty or too complicated, so we just don’t make one. We get stuck.

Yet Jesus is always available. His loving, welcoming arms are ready whenever we are. And it’s okay to come to him anytime, anywhere, any way. Let’s not think too hard about it or worry about approaching him with caution. We can just “plunge in headfirst”. He doesn’t mind if we just fall in exhausted or if we end up doing an accidental head-over-heels flip.  He will catch us and hold us safely in his arms. 

Let’s invite him in: Go to Jesus. You don’t have to prepare, perfect, or plan out how you are going to be with him. You don’t have to think hard about it. It’s okay to be a little bit reckless and carefree this time.  You can run to him like a toddler running to a swimming pool…jump in and have some fun.  He’s right there waiting to catch you!


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