noun:  a meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day

Jesus said, “Breakfast is ready.”  John 21:12 MSG


Breakfast. Some of us look forward to a steaming hot meal of eggs, bacon, pancakes, and potatoes. Others grab a bowl of cereal or a protein bar or a smoothie on the run.  And lots of us skip it all together.  What we eat (or not) for breakfast isn’t really the important thing to Jesus.

So why breakfast? Why is this meal important in John's gospel?

Why did Jesus make breakfast for his friends on the beach this particular morning?

I love to picture it.  Jesus gathering wood for a fire, setting out the plates and mugs, making coffee. Every so often, he would look out at the boat on the water and smile.  He loved these guys, and he missed them.  It had been several days since he had been crucified, and he knew they were struggling without him.

Not only were they overwhelmed with grief and despair, they were having a horrible time fishing.  They had been up all night and caught nothing. They were discouraged that the job they had always known how to do wasn't going well. They were frustrated, exhausted, and probably starving.

And Jesus knew exactly what to do.  Just as his friends were giving up and heading in to shore, he surprised them with a net full of fish. One hundred and fifty-three to be exact.  At that moment they were filled with joy-not so much because of the number of fish, but because they suddenly recognized Jesus. They rushed to him, and he took care of them; reviving their bodies with food and drink and the warmth of the fire.

I like to think that he does this for us too.  He knows when we are experiencing an awful time, when everything is going horribly wrong. He sees us: depressed, angry, hurting, and wondering why it’s all happening to us at once.

So he shows up.  And he makes breakfast.  (Well, maybe not literally). But the truth of this story is that he’s got his eye on us, and he’s up to something good.  He’s on the beach, in the traffic, on the bar stool, in the waiting room, preparing everything we need to be taken care of.  He wants us to come and sit by the fire, talk with him, listen to him, and let him surprise us with what he’s going to do.

Let’s invite him in: Are you looking down, focusing on all the disappointments and frustrations around you? Look up.  Recognize Jesus.  He’s right there with you, even when it doesn't seem like you can feel his presence or hear his voice. Let him make you breakfast today-even if you don’t normally eat it.  Sit with him for a minute and let him care for you, provide for you, and warm your heart. This meal, this conversation with Jesus, it might just turn your life around...

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