verb: to separate into pieces usually suddenly or forcibly; to make known, to reveal

"Break open your words, let the light shine out..." Psalm 119:130 MSG

Here we are asking God to break open His words. What kind of breaking can we expect Him to do?

I belive that God is going to do the kind of breaking that reveals. He will make a way for us to see all the beautiful and interesting pieces inside. Inside of His heart, inside of ours. 

Maybe He will break open His words in the piñata kind of way that makes us squeal with delight as the treats and treasures spill out everywhere all at once. 

Or maybe He will do the kind of breaking that takes a good amount of time and patience to complete, like a crocus poking up thorough the cold, dark earth and opening slowly to the spring sun. 

Either way, we can look for Him to shine His light on our lives. It's going to be amazing! 

Let's invite Him in: Let's be expectant of good, of joy, of growth. Let's ask Jesus to work in the breaking, in the pieces, in the process as we open our hearts and minds to His words.