adj: in the middle between two points; not total or complete

"God met me more than halfway. He freed me from my anxious fears." 

Psalm 34:4 MSG


What do you think of when you hear the word halfway? I suppose it can be a good thing to be halfway to somewhere...

Halfway to graduation,

halfway through the race,

halfway home.

But halfway isn't such a great place if we get stuck there. If we stop–afraid or unmotivated to go on. Halfway across the street, halfway done with a project, halfway through a workout, halfway dressed...

Seems kind of depressing. Uncomfortable, even dangerous if we stay there too long.


Do you ever feel like this?  Like you are only halfway to Jesus?

Are you are stuck in the middle of the street that leads to the life He has for you?

Are you are living in a sort of spiritual halfway house?  Hanging on to old rules and comforts that keep you from living free and filled and strong?                                                

I've been there. I know that unsettled feeling, that false sense of security. I've memorized Proverbs 3:5, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding..."  Yeah. I often get partway to trusting Him, but then I fall back on what I feel.  Or what I think.  Or what I doubt. Getting past the halfway point can be so hard sometimes.

We all tend to hold back parts of ourselves from Jesus, often unaware of the danger we are in. 

But God understands us. He knows that we get scared, that we hold on tight to our own control, our own understanding, our own ways. He sees us frozen in the middle of the street. He finds us hiding in our halfway houses–missing out on the life of freedom and joy that He has for us. That's when He wants to come and meet us "more than halfway..."


Let's invite Him in:  Tell Jesus that you feel stuck. Maybe it's because you are scared. Maybe it's because you feel discouraged. Maybe you are worrying about what your friends and family will think, or you are just overwhelmed with life?  He knows.  He can hold all those things you are anxious about. He's reaching out His hand to bring you close. He wants to make you safe, complete, free. He has a dream for your life that is so much better than you can even imagine. Will you let Him meet you where you are and bring you the rest of the way to Him?

Just reach out your hand...