adj: having plenty of room; spacious

"So spacious He is, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in Him without crowding." Col. 1:19 MSG

Do you ever wonder as you walk through a crowded mall or a busy street how God could possibly know and love every individual on this planet? Not to mention every person of the generations upon generations before this one?

I start to think it's too much for Him - that maybe He doesn't really have the capacity to keep track of all of us. Maybe just the neediest ones get His attention - oh, and probably the pastors and missionaries and the Christian artists who sing and speak on stage for Him. 

But what about us? What about the ones who just go to school, work, church (or not), and just try to find Him in our regular lives? Don't we just all blend in together? How could He possibly make space for us all? 


I have never heard that word used to describe God. But I think I like it...

Roomy. Spacious. Plenty of room. Maybe I need a bigger picture of who He is - like a huge floor plan of His heart or something. Maybe our roomy God has enough square footage for every single person in His family. Room enough to rest, to play, to grow. A safe place to be protected and cared for. 

Room to be loved - no matter how messy we are.

As hard as it is to imagine, He is fully able to be with each and every one of us at the same time. That's the kind of heart that our God has for us. A heart with space for all of us. A heart where we have each have our own room.

Let's invite Him in...Ask our Father to show you your room - the space He has made just for you. Make this your retreat, your hiding place where you can be with Him and be completely yourself. You don't have to share Him with anyone or wait for your turn to be heard. He is there waiting to spend time with just you